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Elitsa Todorova

She is young.
She is beautiful.
She is Elitsa Todorova.
This wonam has the deepest and most incredible voise, that I ever heard.

Learn more about her at www.elitsatodorova.com and listen her and Stoyan Yankoulov project "Drumboy" -

also check Stoyan Yankoulov's web site- www.stoyankoulov.com 


There isn't a place on the Earth like this.
It's called Irakli - charmin place on the Bulgarian seaside.
Wild and beatifull, now the corporations wants to build a hotels in this Paradise.
Give your vote to save Irakli.
Check out www.daspasimirakli.com 

...and so...

Finally I pushed my self and start this blog :)
This is my first post, in my first blog, let's see what will happen.

I won't introduse myself here.
First I created this "room" to show my pictures to those who would like to see it.
I hope "this is the beginning of one wonderfull friendship!".