Manu Chao в София!!!

Olee! И ето че след близо 9 години, дочакахме великия Ману Чао да се завърне в България.

Каква приятна понеделнишка новина, след като цяла неделя вечер слушах едно DVD с концерт на Радио Бемба от същото онава турне през 2002г., днес с изненада разбирам, че Ману Чао и La Ventura ще взривят зала Фестивална на 14 Алрил 2011г.

Boold and Fire!

По данни в интернет медиите, организаторите от Loud Concerts, ще пуснат само 3500 билета на цена от 55лв., което е двойно в сравнение с цената, която платихме в Скопие, но кво да се прави, както казват португалците "tem que pagar".

Това ме подсеща, че преди няколко седмици с Игор взехме един домейн - ману-чао.инфо, който смятаме да превърнем в истински фен клуб на големия МАНУ.

Stay tune!


Puzzle solved!

This post is going to be in English, don' ask me why ;)

So, I couldn't leave this only to myself and my closest friends, I want to share it. With you, with her, with him, with anyone who comes to this page. And it is because I am kind proud with me. Yeah! This puzzle took like seven and a half years since I bought it in the summer of 2003rd until now when I finally finished it. I started it somewhere in 2004th, just making the frame and forgot about it for a long time. Then in 2009th I started again doing some progress up to the lips, then abandoned again. Until month ago when I decided that it's time to finish it, and I did it. Took me a lot of hours, serious amount of weed and some pain in the back, but it worths!

The puzzle itself has 1000 pieces and it's 50cm x 70cm. The technique used is called Photomosaic invented and implemented in puzzles by Robert Silver. Any piece contain between 4 to 8 little pictures on Elvis changing its colors from bright to dark. You can have a closer look here:

The next thing to do with this puzzle is to start assembling it again, piece by piece and taking a photo of every single piece, so finally I will come out with stop motion film with some Elvis music for background. Cool, a?

After I made it up I felt kind of empty, didn't know what to do in my spare time. It is winter now, the weather outside sucks pretty much, so I got new one - Antique map of the world, 2000 pieces and 70 cm x 100cm.