Listen up!

Mr. Google rocks! It's awlays've been no.1

This post will be in english. Don't know why, just to exercise it.

This morning starts with Asian Dub Foundation and after some tracks I decided to ask Google about a specific ADF project.
Anyway, I didn't find it, but what I did find was this great site - FATPLANET, blog dedicated to MP3 music. It has pretty good archive with music from all over the world.

Here what they say: "mp3 links are taken from artist + record label web sites or other authorised sources. links are listed alphabetically by artist."

So this post will be for music. For listenning music. It will be all subjective, so don't blame me If you don't like some/all of the tracks, It's your problem not mine.

Enjoy :))

You need a QuickTime Player in order to play this music.


I will start with ZAP MAMA - Nostalgie amoureuse (push it to the max boot mix)

Cute african melody from OUMOU SANGARE - Nebife


ASIAN DUB FOUNDATION - 1000 mirrors (feat. sonia metha)

CHICA + THE FOLDER - der wolf und p.


DJ SHADOW vs YOSHI blood on the motorway (no more bush fires - the life remix)

P.P. There are a lot of broken (404s) links on the site, so some of the tracks are not available.

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