Manuel Libres Librodo Jr. - Photograpfer from Philippines

"In my journey in this world of photography, I have encountered unforgettable places and faces. With my camera on hand, I am able to capture a moment worth sharing."

Proud Fisherman

Stories of Her Life

Iloilo, Philippines
April 2006
Rosalinda, mother of eleven, a cigarette vendor.
There’s a lot more to tell.
But I don’t want to state the obvious.
Just take a closer look and examine every line of her wrinkles.
The saying that “some pictures are worth a thousand words”
is an understatement in the case of Rosalinda.
Any picture of her is worth a thousand of stories
with a million words.
First Place: Texture Challenge (www.dpchallenge.com)
First Place Winner, People Category (www.betterphoto.com)


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